Shoutouts for our contributors, casting and insane director!!!


_The sky, the sky is the LIMIT

Abo (Axe), the guy I served with

Even though filmmakers always say that “God hates movies” (and He hates non believer filmmakers more 🙂 )  and makes everything hard for them, we still have support.

Thanks to our contributors and followers of our Seed & Spark campaign, we are doing Great (WE, I mean YOU too), so it’s the time for shout-outs

Our Friend Liam  Xie , is not just a contributor, but a great filmmaker,

who is also doing his crowdfunding campaign here

knowing Chinese is becoming must :) ))))
click the image to support!! knowing Chinese is becoming must 🙂 ))))
Liam himself!!!
Liam himself!!!









“Be eaten by dream”‘s main character’s biggest dream is to eat EVERYTHING possible! but hey, which movie doesn’t have a conflict????


Believe me, there is 0 change since this photo was taken ;) she still rocks ;)
Believe me, there is 0 change since this photo was taken 😉 she still rocks 😉

The director/writer’s auntie Roxy Avetisian and Vehanoush Avetisian are the biggest contributors of our campaign!!!

Thanks just for being,

no words to add.




family first!!!
family first!!!

Thanks also to all our FOLLOWERS

Jiro and Elya

with their friends do magic.

Thanks all of you!!!

Now just have fun watching our casting video. SLAP yourself!!!

And, we don’t know why, The director of Asinus is confused and insane!!!

Thanks again.

and join the movement

Upcoming short movie projects Asinus supports

Hi there

First of all, Thanks a lot for your support in our crowd-funding campaign, which you can find here . Even non-monetary support with just clicking FOLLOW button, helps us a lot. Thanks!!

Now it’s time for upcoming movies of our friends to support!!!


Our Assistant Director (AD) Joaquin Fernand is making a very interesting movie, which covers all the aspects of sexuality. Make sure to check!!!

REST by John Mari.

not the actual poster, yet

Our DP John, will uncover the story of family of musicians. Find him here  and here

ADÏNDÜ by Ifeoma Chukwuogo

click to support in Indiegogo
click to support in Indiegogo. Poster by Ian Rymsha

A desperate mother’s journey to solve the mystery of her deceased children once and for all.

Our PD, Supporter and Goddess Ifeoma is make a great film about local family, which is so universal.

ADÏNDÜ is a drama-thriller about a family’s journey in their desperation to save their infant daughter and the complications they face along the way.

ADÏNDÜ explores the dynamics of familial religious differences, opposing ideologies, traditional ancient beliefs vs modern beliefs and possible mystery of an age-old Nigerian myth.

Sounds interesting, ha? Support here:

“Back to Buxton boulevard” by Stephen Johnson

Known in Youtube as Slightly Steve, Steve is making a great short comedic action/fantasy film about battling time, family and robots.

Here is his Blog:

and the Indiegogo page

“Camila” by Carla Roda

“Camila” is a result of years of dedication to the cinema. The script is an original and creative one, inspired by all films seen and all books read over 24 years of the director/writer Carla Roda.

Check her blog here:

personal/artistic blog:

and her new brand of Hipster t-shirts:

‘Fade out’ by Yiqi / Alfred Cao

not the actual poster
Not the actual poster

Our first contributor, crew member  and true Genius Alfred Cao (click here for his shout out post) is making a mystery film, where Adam, the main character, starts to fade out from this life. We are sure, that the best team and a great script will make a badass movie. Good luck!!!

Our crew member Adam Lee will capture the life of a guy from small Chinese town (probably a couple of 100 000 000 people in it 🙂 )))) who moves to Beijing, having with him only the “The Little Red Book” (btw one of the most printed books ever!!! only “the Bible” (author unknown) is a bit more).

not the actual poster
Not the actual poster


Adam will shoot in location.

Good luck!!!

not the actual posterOur Sound dep. member and  beauty Ye Ying /Crystal will make a movie about a girl, who has SUPER-HEARING power, and it doesn’t work only on one guy!


not the actual posterOur Camera Dep. member LeQi Tao / Lucky  making a film named “Anne”, about a high school girl, who meets a drugster online. They both try to change each others life. Who will win the “battle”??



our Good friend and the sexiest guy in the universe Lucas Paz is almost there to make his great film “Under water”.

Sii is a middle-aged women whose son died tragically at sea. One day she decides to come back to where the fatal accident took place.
Through a Surrealistic journey by meeting picturesque characters will she drown on her loss or keep sailing?

Support him here

Sophy Taylor makes an interesting documentary called

“One day as a prostitute”

Sex work is transforming, but why aren’t our attitudes? One Day As A Prostitute will explore the lives of those who master the disconnect between sex and intimacy to capitalize on and own their bodies in a society that sells sex to us every single day.

She is also doing Seed and Spark Campaign, which you can support here:

Our Basque friend Markel will show us his culture in his film

“Aitxitxe – Grandpa”


There are much more coming films coming. and this is a very small part of it.


seed & spark

P.S. If you haven’t joined the movement yet, here is the link.

Thanks 😉

#shoutout for our first @seedandspark @Seed&Spark campaign Contributors

Thanks guys for Joining the movement!!!

The fist guy to contribute our campaign is Alfred / Yiqi Cao (whom I call “true Genius,because he is ) . He Also has a movie coming, named “Fade out” (I’ll keep updates on it too). He is also our team/crew member.

Thanks again!!!

Our co-producer Mariam Sargsyan also did a contribution. The secret is, that Mariam also helped to develop the story /script.

Thanks, Thanks Thanks!!!

 Our good Friend Tigran Mansuryan (yes, his name says a lot 🙂 ) also did his part. Find him in previous post doing #jumping

Thanks bro!


Ifeoma Chukwuogo, a (the) filmmaker ,and our Production designer, did her contribution too. (Maybe that’s one of the reasons, that billions of people recognize her as a true GODDESS). Also she is making her great short, and you can be a part of it, by supporting her Indiegogo Campaign here


Now it’s your turn !!! Also know, that “following” is a non-monetary but still very valuable way to support us. So you can still support us by just pushing the FOLLOW button (easy and SAFE to register with Facebook login)

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P.S. Also will share updates for other movie projects we support, so keep checking later.




#Asinus starts @seedandspark campaign with #jumping . Haven’t you joined the movement yet??? #filmcurious #indiefilm

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

Now it’s your time to join the Movement, by just going to this link or this (they are the same) . BTW, thanks Erica and max from seed and spark, helping us to make it happen. So now about #jumping

The possibilities of changing the world are endless.

It’s even possible to do that with such a simple act as #jumping .

Believe or not, Asinus did it himself, and it worked.

Tons of people joined him. (you still can do it yourself: Just make a 3 second movie of you #jumping) without even knowing, what the hell is all this about.

A #Asinus is #jumping . #loop

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The idea came to this weird looking bearded guy, who himself didn’t know, what he is doing

Z is #jumping

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Then he did the same with his little sister T

T is #jumping

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Sometimes unnecessary forcing people to do it without any explanation

T is #jumping

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Joining the people of different age,race and sex

A & S are #jumping @jy03429184 @sphytylr

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And suddenly people start experimenting with that

L is #jumping @liammmm_xl

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They give themselves the right to do the same act differently

J is #jumping

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Joining the movement without the  movement

R ia #jumping @raiyahjb

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Trying to do it as high as possible

T is #jumping @thaddreams

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remembering their childhood (did we really ever though,why we are doing this kinds of things while we are a kid???)

M is #jumping @mariamsargsyan86

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Being happy to do it

D is #jumping

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Ignoring the fact, that sometimes it’s hard to do it

K is #jumping @KAMALAKHANNAC

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Being opposite of the movement, which doesn’t even exist

R is NOT #jumping

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Doing it day and night

V is #jumping @varunk180

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Here, There and Everywhere

Y/A is #jumping

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Doing it elegant and perfect

C is #jumping @carlaroda

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With the only given answer “WHY NOT?”

L is #jumping @LUCKY_0124

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Starting from from high

R is #jumping

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Being moody and free

T is #jumping @tikomansuryan

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And even non human beings involving in it

J (Jujunga) is #jumping . #loop #WHPonrepeat #stopmotion for @instagram

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With happy faces

A (Asinus) is #jumping . #WHPonrepeat #loop

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Going far

D is #jumping @danielfrank24 #loop

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Being born again

E is #jumping

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Going back to childhood, when we were taking our tongues out, as if we are interested and excited

G is #jumping

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Doing it nice

K is #jumping . #loop

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Adding a unique philosophy to it

S is #jumping . #loop

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Doing it for the sake of ART

S is #jumping @suzanapogho

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Being different, totally different

A is #jumping

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Smiling to all of us

P is #jumping . #loop

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Doing it for the sake of friendship

E is #jumping . #loop

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Doing it COOL

K is #jumping . #loop

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And doing it everywhere.

J as #Asinus #jumping here and there

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It’s a type of thing, people will say “Well, what is this??? I could do it too!!!”

And we will answer ” Yeah, you are right, but we DID it ;)”

P.S. So now it’s your turn to join the movement, and let’s make Asinus a reality (just by going to this link ) or here

BS as an essential part of art (maybe not Asinusism, maybe not, maybe not, maybe not,maybe not)

fART for freedom,

fART for liberty-


fART proudly

Benjamin Franklin, Fart Proudly 

Cogito ergo sum. Not #art

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Asinusism as a new wave

Invisible Dictatorship

You say you want a revolution

Well, you know

We all want to change the world…

Beatles, Revolution

    Asinusism is a doctrine and philosophy which is still in development, and always will be.

Asinusism (Asinusdonkey (Latin)) is a new wave in art, which includes both the way of making art, and the final product, presented in an Asinus way (donkey-like). It’s a very new way of seeing the world, and representing in art, and still is in development. Compared to cynical approach, Asinusism is more calm in criticizing the world.  Instead, it’s is trying to give some “tips” how to solve the problems, but never solves them by itself.

Just as cynicism is  from Ancient Greek κυνικός (kynikos), meaning “dog-like”, Asinusim is from Latin word Asinus – donkey. Asinusism promotes a Donkey-like life.

Asinusism is trying to bring its own type of anarchism to the art, especially to film. The art making process is not ruled by the producing system, it’s an “invisible dictatorship” of artists. In Asinusistic “invisible dictatorship” no one admits, nor is imposed on anyone.

Asinuses (followers of Asinusical school) don’t seek anything for themselves. The Art making process is based on joy (even if the art project is dramatic, depressive etc.), because Asinuses believe, that the art product will have a better quality if it’s produced in this way.

One of the common reasons of art movements is not accepting the status quo like Dadaism or anti-art does.

For more than 100 years filmmakers were trying to use film for different services with different ways.  As a “new” form of art, filmmakers were trying to fill the gap (in comparison with “older” forms of art) to make movies of different genres, recreate literature, drawings, philosophy, reuse music, theater, etc.

Asinusism is trying to bring “another” art. Like German  “Absolute film” movement from 1920s, it tries different, non traditional approaches to motion picture.

“Absolute film” rivaled the Condition of music – not illustrations of music. In Asinusistic art/movies caring for “feel” in the piece is much more important than the “look” of it.

Film, as other forms of art, was going through different phases of history, and as a part of the world, was influenced from the things happening in the world. Nowadays, when technology is cheap and available for masses, film-making faces new challenges.

 Asinusism doesn’t have any type of Manifesto, because it believes in the right of  “upgrading” itself unlike “Dogme 95 Manifesto”, which gives lots of freedom to artist, by takes some creative freedoms from them.

Like Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinderberg (originators of Dogme 95 manifesto and the “Vow of Chastity” ) Asinusism is inspiring artists not to stop in their art, and think about their abilities and how to use them.

The new movement doesn’t rely on authorities,  nor thinks, that the “truth” in art depends on authorities, because of the argument being false . The movement knows and admits the value of the artist, especially the ones’ who bring new art, new language in cinema.

   Soviet director Sergei Parajanov’s closest friend Mikhail Vartanov said: “ Besides the film language suggested by Griffith and Eisenstein, the world cinema has not discovered anything revolutionary new until The Color of Pomegranates, not counting the generally unaccepted language of the Andalusian Dog by Buñuel”.

   Asinus tries to be unlike other artist, but she/he learns from artist like Hans Richter, trying different things in art.

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Are you getting ready to JOIN THE MOVEMENT?

PosterWe are almost there, to launch our crowd-founding campaign!!

The team is getting to rock, and you are going to rock with us!

You are our fuel, and this project is yours. The very first movie with Asinusism in its mind is coming!!! Already hundreds joined us, tomorrow we will be thousands, millions and billions.

Be ready, be awake,